Classic Growers Company, Inc. was established in Stuart in May 1979 as a family business utilizing 3 acres, now the Wholesale Division comprising of 28 acres.


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Classic Growers Company, Inc.


The combined acreage produces more than 250 varieties of plants in 1 to 15 gallon size containers. Plant categories are:

Annuals                                                             Ground Covers                                            Trees                                              

         Border plants                                                  Hedging Plants                                           Tropicals

         Cycads                                                                Palms                                                              Vines

        Evergreens                                                       Perennials                                                     Woody Ornamentals

        Ferns                                                                   Shrubs

        Grasses (Ornamental)                                 Topiaries


Business associations / organization membership:

Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association (FNGLA)
National Federation of Independent Businessmen (NFIB)
Farm Credit of South Florida, ACA
Martin County Farm Bureau
FNGLA Treasure Coast Chapter

The majority of items are propagated in our own facilities to maintain the vigor and quality of what is produced. Outside procurement of liner stock is purchased only from quality sources. All liner stock when thoroughly rooted and hardened off is stepped into the appropriate size container, using a custom blended soil that is certified nematode free by the State of Florida. This soil is pH-balanced and fortified with micronutrients to ensure good growth. With our trimming, spraying and fertilizing you will see why this is "where quality grows". We welcome you to stop by and visit with us soon.